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GFC Tactical – it’s over 1000 products and this amount is still rising. We change and improve our products all the time to keep up with the latest market trends. We encourage you to check our full offer and to stay current with the new products of our distributors. Tactical gear by GFC is a value for money. Quality is constantly improving, but the prices remain attractive. In the wide GFC Tactical™ offer you will find vests, backpacks, pouches, helmets and many more. The offer is especially attractive for beginners, who are after solid equipment but unwilling to spend a fortune on it.



Regardless of whether you're a minimalist or a fan of heavy equipment, the GFC Tactical offers something for everyone. A wide range of modular platforms in the form of chest riggs, plate carriers and integrated vests as well as a line of non-modular equipment is definitely our hallmarks. We know that a vest is a serious purchase for a long time, so we take care to strengthen all critical points with double sewing lines and special stitches.

and bags

A good backpack must be both durable and comfortable. The rest is a matter of taste. GFC Tactical strives to meet all tastes, offering a range of products starting from small urban backpacks which are also great as MOUT equipment and ending with large backpacks perfect for woodland tactics, MilSims and tourism. Soft pads on the harness, contoured back, place to insert a hydration bladder, compatibility with MOLLE are all features you will find in the GFC Tactical models.


GFC Tactical will, in a professional way, help you to hide your replica from the eyes of strangers, but will also allow you to comfortably transport it. A large range of bags of various lengths will allow you to carry both the SMGs as well as the longest sniper rifles. The offer also includes special covers for MGs or mats for precision shooting. Regardless of the chosen model you can be sure that, after being placed inside, your replica will be safe.


During manouvers, you must never forget about the appropriate hydration of your body. If you have not used any hydration system before, then probably after the first time you do, you will never want to stop. No more hiding bottles into pouches, no more handling flasks. Water is supplied through a pipe without the need to take your eyes off the target and hand off the gun. Hydration systems are an essential element of airsoft, survival and mountain tourism.


Sidearms are usually used in highly dynamic situations where every second counts. It is therefore important to be able to put the holster in a convenient place
- on the thigh, belt or vest. All these options are offered by the GFC Tactical products.
All holsters are properly reinforced and braced to prevent the replica from accidentally falling out, and to firmly hold the gun in place.

GFC TACTICAL Protection Pads

An essential element to operate in buildings, while also very useful during woodland operations. GFC Tactical knee and elbow protectors have been designed to combine a high degree of protection with high comfort of use. Additionally, the possibility of the protector pads slipping off of the knee or moving around the leg has been minimized. And all that in a wide range of colors and camouflages.GFC Tactical models.


It is the broadest category of products in the GFC Tactical offer. Even the most demanding users should find here a plenty of what they are looking for. Starting with pouches for magazines for both long and short arms, first-aid kits and universal pouches up to pouches intended for communication devices or administrative panels. Thanks to a wide range of products, GFC Tactical will allow you to configure your vest exactly as you have imagined.

GFC TACTICAL Tactical slings

A solid tactical sling is an absolutely obligatory element of equipment, without which carrying and using the replica can be very difficult. The wide offer of GFC Tactical allows you to select a sling individually for each type of replica and user preferences - from simple 1-point bungee to advanced 3-point, comfortable-pad slings for the heaviest replicas, such as machine guns.


We do our best to keep up to the trends, thus we offer our own series of so-called morale patches. Made of rubber using 3D technology and velcro straps. We offer designs you won't find in the offers of other companies, including national flags.


Being hit in the head is always painful, so you really might want to protect yourself from it. The GFC Tactical offers many models of helmets in a wide range of colors. Basic models are designed primarily for airsoft newbies, while the more advanced constructions will meet the requirements of the more experienced players. The helmets are regulated in a wide range and made to cooperate with active hearing protection devices, while also allowing to mount night vision devices, strobe markers and other equipment.

GFC TACTICAL Leg pouches
and panels

When we lack space on our tactical vest or belt, or if the mission requires it, we can always use leg panel to carry an additional equipment, magazines etc. The catalogue of GFC Tactical products is full of both simple leg panels with MOLLE/PALS, and dedicated, capacious leg cargo pouches.



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